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What is artificial intellegence

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

“Hey Google, make me laugh!” That’s how Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings in a new era of human-like intelligence. But what exactly is AI and how does it make machines smart? Before we dive into the definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence), let’s understand what intelligence means. “Intelligence is the ability to learn new things and solve problems.” So, the goal of AI is to make machines smart so they can act intelligently. But how do we measure their intelligence? If computers can solve real-world problems by learning from their experiences, they are considered “intelligent.” This allows AI

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How AI helps in Education

How AI Helps in Education

In this article we will discuss about the several ways in detail that How AI will helps in Education. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a massive role in transforming education by introducing innovative tools and methods that enhance the learning experience.

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